HCAP Courses and Seminars

HCAP Asian American Studies Courses and Seminars

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ASIAN 210 – Asians in the US (taught by Professor Linh An) – 3 credits

This course examines the experiences of Asians living in the US through an anthropological lens. Through selected texts, films, and guest speakers, we examine both the particularities of the contemporary Asian American experience, and the group’s commonalities with other racial and ethnic communities. Over the course of the semester, students will learn about the diverse themes, questions, and methods of inquiries within Asian American Studies.

ASIAN 210 – Asians in the United States (taught by Professor Vivian Louie – Director, Asian American Studies Program and Center) – 3 credits

This course provides a critical interdisciplinary examination of Asian American experiences of discrimination and exclusion in the
context of domestic and foreign U.S. policies regarding immigration, labor and national identity. Through an examination of
historical, social science, theoretical and cultural texts, the course also looks at the impact of the current expansion of Asian American
communities on America’s social, economic, cultural and political order.

ASIAN 230.02 Asian American Communities and Mental Health (taught by Professor Marcia Liu)

This course reviews current psychological issues for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities. It will focus on various models/theories as well as empirical research. Topics will include the model minority myth, race-related stress, collectivism, immigration and acculturation, gender and queer identities, psychopathology including depression and trauma, and psychotherapy and counseling.

ASIAN 290: Asian American Studies Internship (taught by HCAP Program Director, Caitlin Ho)

Students can gain course credit for participating in a substantive internship at a local or national community-based organization that serves, or is led by, Asian Americans and/or Pacific Islanders. Students receive support in identifying and applying to an AAPI community-based internship in New York City. Students must apply to the HCAP Internship Program to register for this course. Learn more at: HCAP Internship Program

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Free Winter and Summer Academic Skills Seminar

HCAP also offers a free academic skills seminar on Asian American Identity and Food every January session and summer session at Hunter College. This seminar is free for all CUNY students and is non-credit bearing. It focuses on developing students’ academic skills through reading various genres of texts, attending field trips, and interacting with guest speakers. Students learn about writing and presenting in different academic settings and professional fields.

Students can sign-up every December for the winter session and every May for the summer session. For more information, contact Dr. Linh An at: la1092@hunter.cuny.edu