Everyday Wellness

AAPI college students are the least likely racial/ethnic demographic to initiate mental health support/counseling. In an effort to continue destigmatizing mental health, HCAP spoke with Asian American faculty in Hunter’s Asian American Studies Program to talk about what they were stressed about in college, and how they care for themselves now. By approaching faculty, we hope to normalize conversations about mental health as relevant to everyone.

Some people may think disclosing about mental health struggles is embarrassing, shameful, or a sign of weakness. We’re here to adamantly say, it’s not! We all struggle and cope and fail and thrive. This is all part of our experience, as AAPIs and as human beings.

We hope these videos can show how important it is to talk about our various struggles in college.


To view these videos, please go to huntercap.org/category/everyday-wellness or check out our Instagram Highlights story!

If you’re interested in learning more about mental health support at Hunter, check out the following resources:

Hunter’s Counseling and Wellness Services (for 1:1 counseling and groups for learning skills)

HCAP Mental Health Events (for talking about destigmatizing mental health in our AAPI community)

HCAP’s Ask HCAP videos (for tips on caring for yourself, and being successful in your college experience)

HCAP Referral Guide (for contact information of AAPI-serving Community Mental Health Centers in NYC)

ASIAN 230.02: AAPI Communities and Mental Health (a class in the Asian American Studies Program focusing on mental health in the AAPI community, fulfilling the Pluralism A/B core requirement)