Multilingual Learners Program


In collaboration with staff and faculty at Hunter College, HCAP develops programming for multilingual students (e.g. English language learners, students who grew up speaking a language other than English, etc.). Our programs are designed to help all students improve their academic writing, reading, researching, and presenting skills.

HCAP’s Multilingual Learners Program offers a range of courses, seminars, and workshops including:

Asian American Studies Course – ASIAN 210: Asians in the U.S. (3 credits) fulfills the Hunter Core Requirements (INS-H and PD/B) and explores historical and contemporary issues in Asian American communities. HCAP offers enhanced sections of this course every fall and spring semester. HCAP-enhanced sections emphasize collaborative learning and developing communication skills that are transferable to other courses.


Speaking and Writing Academic Skills Seminars are offered each winter and summer session.

These seminars are free for all CUNY students. They focus on developing students’ academic skills through reading various genres of texts, attending field trips, and interacting with guest speakers. Students learn about writing and presenting in different academic settings and professional fields.Past seminars include Public Speaking: Asian Families and Food Stories, and Online Interviewing as an Asian American, and Stories of NYC: Asian American & Asian Diasporic Memoir Writing.

Students should sign up by December 31st for the winter session and by May 30th for the summer session. Contact Dr. Linh An for more information:

Workshops and Events – HCAP provides a wide range of on-campus workshops, events, and 1:1 support to students seeking to improve their academic skills and to market their multilingual/multicultural backgrounds as assets. Check out our event calendar to see upcoming events such as writing and professional development workshops!



Online Resources: HCAP provides a range of online tools for students, faculty, and staff to help multilingual students improve their academic skills for college-level coursework and beyond. Make sure you check out our Ask Lucky blog for tips. For more information, click below.


For more information contact: Dr. Linh An, HCAP Multilingual Learner Specialist, at