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If you’re a current Hunter College student, there are many ways to get involved in HCAP! These opportunities are open to all students. Click on the buttons below to see more about how to get involved:

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“I found my interest in baking and cooking during this pandemic. I like to do it when I’m stressed from classes. If you’d like, take this time to discover some interests that you have never thought of before.

No matter what your situation is, please know that you are in the middle of the pandemic. Making decisions during a time of uncertainty can be difficult, and it is totally okay to be unsure. You can be unsure about school, about family, and anything in life, because we are all unsure. If you feel stressed, reach out to someone that you trust in, and always remember that the Counseling and Wellness Services is available. You can learn more at:” -Hanteng Li. Excerpt from HCAP’s Asian American and CUNY Student Narratives Zine

To read more or view the entire zine, go to or scan the QR code.


Have you always wanted to write about your life but didn’t know where to begin? Would you benefit from a creative writing class that would help improve your overall reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills in university courses?

Join writer Bushra Rehman for a series of creative writing workshops in which we will explore our relationship to this vibrant, resilient metropolis we may call home. Together, we will generate new writing, learn techniques for overcoming writing blocks and celebrate our creativity. Each workshop will include a series of short readings and generative writing prompts as well as time to share our writing.

This free, non-credit, workshop series is open to all current Hunter College and BMCC students. Students who identify as Asian American, Asian Diasporic, BIPOC, and/or from immigrant families are encouraged to apply.

This class is capped at 25, so apply by December 22nd at [LINK IN BIO]

HCAP would like to introduce our next upcoming segment which highlights our Asian American and CUNY Student Narratives Zine.

In Summer 2020, seven HCAP Leaders met over a series of Zoom sessions to reflect on their experiences navigating distance learning, the pandemic and growing movements for racial justice. These discussions led to a digital zine project to document the stories of Asian American and other CUNY students in this time.

Each HCAP Leader developed and contributed a narrative piece, writing about issues they care deeply about. We hope this project helps other students know they are not alone and inspires others to share their own stories.

Over the next few weeks, we will post excerpts from this zine project. To view the full zine, visit HCAP’s website:

Please stay tuned for more!