[VIDEO] Anti-Asian Hate in the Pandemic Age: Curing the Virus of Hate

Roosevelt House is honored to present a live Zoom panel discussion, marking Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, on Anti-Asian Hate in the Pandemic Age: Curing the Virus of Hate—featuring experts, scholars, and policymakers on how to explain and address the recent surge in discrimination and violence against Asian Americans. This event is co-presented with the Asian American Studies Center at Hunter College.

Anti-Asian hate is not new; in fact, it has been with us for more than 150 years and has touched Americans from every part of Asia, striking with particular intensity during times of crisis. How does this moment compare to other critical moments of anti-Asian bigotry throughout modern history? What are the factors contributing to the recentspike in anti-Asian racism, and what can policymakers do to respond?

The panel will illuminate both the daily experiences of Asian New Yorkers and the path forward—including immediate and long-term policy strategies to help stem the spread of hate in our city. In addition, speakers will address how to strengthen coalitions to address all forms of hate—and hate crimes—that are on the rise. – Roosevelt House Website