Transfer Pipeline Program Cohort

The HCAP Transfer Pipeline Program provides peer mentorship and support to transfer students during their first semester at Hunter College. While open to all, this program targets Asian American and other first-generation college students who are transferring into Hunter from other CUNY community colleges.

Below are Cohort 2 (2022-2023) of the program.

Syeda Rahman – Cohort 2

This awkward smile belongs to Syeda Rahman. Currently, a 3rd year Computer Science and Japanese minor. While she isn’t preoccupied trying to learn the newest K-Pop choreography; she spends her free time trying new food and attempting to meet new people.


Mahesha Haq – Cohort 2

Mahesha is a transfer student and a rising junior at Hunter College. She is currently majoring in biology, and after a fun summer course, is considering a minor in Japanese as well. She is studying to become a doctor so that she can one day help people in need and give back to her community. Raised in Florida, while the concrete jungle has its challenges, Mahesha is slowly finding her place in the                                                 City.

Ashdeep Singh – Cohort 2

Ashdeep Singh is a Junior at Hunter College. He is majoring in Computer Science and spends most of his time trying to reverse a linked list (CS Joke :’]). He has binge watched The Office 3x now and has no plans to stop anytime soon. In his free time he likes to hike in upstate NY, and explore the NYC streets. His favorite meals include Cup Noodles and Kraft Mac-and-Cheese.

Umar Faruque – Cohort 2

Umar Faruque is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science (minoring in math). Umar enjoys trying to tackle life’s problems but when there isn’t anything to be solved he enjoys spending time with his friends. Some of his hobbies include reading, cooking and planning his next coffee run!


Mariam Siddiqui – Cohort 2

Mariam is a Junior at Hunter College. She is majoring in Political Science, minoring in Legal studies and is also apart of Hunter’s Pre-Law Society. She is interested in going to law school and becoming an attorney. When Mariam isn’t baking she likes watching dramas whether it be kdramas or Turkish dramas.


Maya Wong – Cohort 2

Maya Wong is a full-time daydreamer who probably spends too much time in fantasy worlds while not writing new ideas down. She is a senior studying Comparative Literature and International Relations, interested in communications and examining the differences and similarities between groups of people who seemingly have no connections on the surface culture wise, and finding the bridges. You will most likely find her with her nose in books, or taking photos of the sky and just about anything. She is always open to critique films and geek over plot theories.

Janny Cai – Cohort 2

Janny is a junior attending Hunter College, she is majoring in psychology but wants to go down the pre-med track to become a psychiatrist. She recently found an interest in digital marketing and has a passion for digital drawing. She loves to write whenever she gets a chance to during her free time.


Carolyn Cao- Cohort 2

Carolyn Cao is a Junior majoring in Human Biology. An aspiring pre-med student focused on dentistry, she is a heavy believer in healthy oral care. Although mostly enveloped in STEM courses, she also enjoys partaking in the humanity courses. In her free time, she enjoys her hobbies such as reading manga and listening to music.


Tenzin Diki – Cohort 2

Tenzin Diki is a rising senior at Hunter College who is majoring in biology. She was born in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India and moved to the United States in 2017. With her experience as a caretaker for her dementia grandma, she is considering pursuing a career in geriatrics. She appreciates nature, and being near the water is therapeutic for her.

Edison Zhu – Cohort 2

Edison Zhu is currently double majoring in human biology and Chinese with a minor in music. He is also on the pre-PA track hoping to one day work as a PA in pediatrics or family medicine. Edison is very enthusiastic about helping other people and learning new things. Additionally, he loves listening to music–his favorite musical artist is Twice!