Introducing: HCAP’s Resource Directory

Writing a paper and don’t know how to get started?

Wondering what “Networking” really means and how to do it in a professional or more casual setting?

Looking for to learn more about mental health and how to connect with resources on and off campus?

Do your parents speak/read an Asian language such as Bangla, Urdu, Korean or Chinese? Curious about how to help them understand more about financial aid at CUNY and Hunter College?

HCAP is building a new Resource Directory to feature helpful resources for college students, faculty and staff, and community members. We’re creating and compiling brochures, tip sheets, tutorials and handouts that we think are especially helpful!


Multilingual Learner Resources provides helpful handouts, brochures and websites that can help you on academic writing, reading, presenting and speaking.


Mental Health Resources provides useful information about mental health topics in the AAPI community, counseling resources, and community resources


Leadership Resources provides helpful handouts and tip sheets on leadership skills and professional development topics


Navigating College Resources provides helpful tips on resources at Hunter and beyond to help you succeed in college. It also features translated versions of important Hunter College and CUNY information to allow students, parents, and community members to access this information in 4 Asian languages: Bengali, Urdu, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).





We would love your input on what kinds of resources would be helpful to college students, staff and faculty at Hunter College. Feel free to Contact HCAP to share your thoughts!