HCAP Student-Led Projects

HCAP Student-Led Projects

Here are examples of projects designed and led by HCAP students. These projects explore a range of topics, including: Asian American identity and mental health, experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and movements for racial justice, and navigating college as first-generation, immigrant and BIPOC CUNY students.
We’ll update this page as HCAP students continue to create new projects and digital materials, develop student-led research, and write about their reflections and findings.
Summer 2020 Student Projects
HCAP’s three cohort programs (Community Mentoring Program, HCAP Leaders, Mental Health Advocates) produced digital projects to document the experiences of Asian American communities and CUNY students through art, written reflections, interviews and more.

HCAP Community Mentoring Program: Still Me, Still Learning: An Outlet

COVID-19 has made starkly visible the enduring racial injustices before the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities have disproportionately borne the burden of disease given longstanding racial and socioeconomic inequities. Neither should the rise in anti-Asian racism feel unfamiliar, given the historically conditional acceptance of Asian Americans.

Drawing from past conversations, lectures and workshops, this digital exhibit provides a space for students to process questions about identity, racial justice and oppression. It uses art as a mode of critical self-reflection, working through our Asian American community’s own struggles with increased hate crimes and our role in a seemingly binary race war that employs us as racial wedge.

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