[VIDEO] Ask Lucky – Rockowitz Writing Center: Meet the Students!

HCAP’s “Ask Lucky” blog posts feature questions that Hunter College students often have about academic writing and reading, speaking/presenting in class, and conducting research.
Lucky has a BA in Composition and Rhetoric at Woofie University. He is HCAP’s in-house multilingual specialist. He currently lives in Queens and enjoys taking walks in the park. 

Dear Lucky,

I am currently taking ENG 120, and I am frustrated. My instructor wants me to “close read” our class texts. I don’t understand what she means. Also, I am struggling to create outlines. In 

high school, I learned the five-paragraph essay, which has an introduction, conclusion, and three supporting paragraphs. That’s not working for me anymore. I have too many readings to integrate, and I don’t know how the ideas connect.

I am debating whether I should go to the Rockowitz Writing Center, because I don’t have anything written to show the tutor.

Frustrated Catherine

Dear Catherine,

I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. College writing is very different from high school, so your struggle is normal. You should definitely go to the Rockowitz Writing Center! The tutors can help you decipher assignment prompts and offer strategies for creating outlines and active reading. Students go to the center at all stages in their writing process. Hear what your peers have to say here:

Best regards,