ABI Programs

Student Programs

Workshops and student success seminars for BMCC and Hunter students that explore topics including: Asian American identities, financial literacy, wellness, navigating college, and academic skills. To learn more, visit: https://huntercap.org/bmcc-abi-student-programs/

Transfer Pipeline Program

Peer mentorship program targeting Asian American and/or first-generation college students who are incoming transfer students to Hunter College. To learn more, visit: https://huntercap.org/hcap-programs/transfer-pipeline-program/

Faculty Seminar  Series

BMCC and Hunter faculty development on incorporating students’ lived experiences in the classroom. To learn more, visit: https://abiseminaralums.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

BMCC Asian American Student Needs Assessment

A multi-year assessment to gather data on BMCC’s diverse Asian and Asian American student population using surveys, focus groups and informal discussion. To learn more, visit: https://huntercap.org/bmccs-asian-american-student-population/